We did research on global warming

In order to understand what is going on with the global warming, we did research on the melting glaciers and polar bears. We hope that you find our research helpful. As for what to do about global warming, it’s always a good idea to think before you act. Only 20% of the carbon emissions are Read More

Help fight the climate crisis and protect glaciers

There are many ways in which humans can help the world fight the climate crisis. One of them is by reducing our carbon footprint and taking care of our environment. Humans have a responsibility to protect glaciers, because they play an important role in the life cycle of water. When glaciers melt, there’s less freshwater Read More

Melting glaciers are a climate crisis

Melting glaciers are a climate crisis because the disappearing ice is resulting to rising ocean levels, which will threaten people living in low-lying areas. There is an urgent need for a solution to this global problem. Melting glaciers are dangerously shrinking in size, and the meltwater is causing massive flooding, washing away coastal cities and Read More

Melting glaciers are a global problem for all people

Melting glaciers are a global problem, but it is also a problem for humans. Rising seas and warmer climates can cause many problems that affect all humans. Melting glaciers are melting at an increasing rate due to climate change. The meltwater flows into the ocean and causes rising levels of sea water. With more water Read More

Melting glaciers, suffering polar bears, rising oceans

The climate change is one of the biggest threats to both humans and polar bears. These threats are linked in some cases and are partly caused by each other. Polar bears are threatened because they live in the Arctic Circle, where the ice will melt sooner or later. The melting glaciers will cause a rise Read More