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We did research on global warming

Today, we’ve released the results of our independent research into global warming. We have studied climate trends from multiple sources to gain an understanding of how global warming is affecting our planet. Our research found that the Earth is heating up rapidly due to the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This accumulation of Read More

Help fight the climate crisis and protect glaciers

The climate crisis is one of the most pressing challenges facing us. Glaciers, ice caps, and snowpacks are some of the side-effects of this change in climate, and they’re beginning to take its toll on our fragile ecosystems. As we continue to experience higher levels of global warming, glacier coverage across the world has decreased Read More

Melting glaciers are a climate crisis

When we think of climate change, images of polar bears struggling to stay afloat due to disappearing ice come to mind. The melting of glaciers is a big part of this climate crisis. In recent years, glaciers have been retreating all over the world, leaving scientists shocked and concerned. Glacier melting affects the planet in Read More

Melting glaciers are a global problem for all people

As the climate crisis accelerates, melting glaciers are becoming a global problem with far-reaching consequences. Glaciers are major sources of freshwater and provide vital resources for hundreds of millions of people who rely on them for drinking water, irrigation, energy production, and transport. Rapidly melting glaciers threaten these essential services and pose economic, political, and Read More

Melting glaciers, suffering polar bears, rising oceans

This week marks a dire reminder of the consequences of climate change: melting glaciers and suffering polar bears. Sea ice levels have hit a record-low in the normally icy arctic region. This is troubling news for polar bears, a species that relies on the ice for survival. In fact, studies have shown that their population Read More